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The power of Data: Insights and the future of AI in Teamleader Focus (ENG)

Sonal Aggarwal




Product Manager


KMO dome


13.00 - 13.30

How can businesses strengthen themselves in these times of rapidly evolving markets? Becoming more data-driven is part of the answer, but data alone is not enough. Businesses need to ask the right questions to extract meaningful insights. This talk will illuminate the essential Insights and KPIs that SMEs need to monitor their performance, set future goals, and achieve them. We will explore how Teamleader Focus supports this journey by providing practical tools and insights. Finally, we’ll discuss the pivotal role of AI in this process and why it’s a critical next step on our roadmap.

About Sonal

Product Manager. Currently building Insights at TLF. Passionate about crafting exceptional products and fostering high-performing teams to bring them to life!

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