Petteri Rantamäki
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Accounting 3.0 [EN]

Petteri Rantamäki




Accounting Office Specialist


Work Brighter dome by Yuki


11.00 - 11.30

This session delves into the transformative journey of accounting into its future era: Accounting 3.0. Drawing insights from industry leaders and influencers, we explore how accounting is evolving beyond mere transactional tasks & reporting to a strategic advisory role focused on foresight and prevention. Highlighting parallels with the healthcare industry's evolution, the presentation showcases the shift towards using technology and strategic planning to predict and prevent financial challenges for clients before they arise. With novel frameworks and latest research, this session equips the listeners with the knowledge to navigate and lead in the shifting landscape of accounting, making them indispensable partners in the market.

Over Petteri

Petteri is an ex-partner manager who helped 100+ accounting offices succeed, turned into an accounting office specialist, now helping 30+ Visma companies across Europe build sustainable, successful relationships with accounting offices. Petteri is deep in the European development of the industry, seeking to simplify & conceptualize this often complex and abstract evolutionary space. Naturally curious, Petteri wants to deep down understand how and why our industry is changing and also, what’s the price tag of change. A deep believer in collaboration and co-evolution, Petteri strives to operate as an objective observer in pursuit of shared success. On this path, we all have a role to play.

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