Christophe Jauquet
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Making your customers healthy & happy

Christophe Jauquet




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13.50 - 14.15

Christophe Jauquet is a keynote speaker, author, and health experience expert who has inspired pharmaceutical companies and consumer brands around the globe with his health trends and futures.

Christophe jauquet has written a marketing book called healthusiasm - making customers healthy & happy. The book explains why people are actively involved in their health & happiness; what this means for companies and brands; and how they could win their customers' hearts by taking into account this health trend everyone aspires to be healthy & happy.

Healthusiasm is a movement of people, more conscious than ever about physical and mental health, who are equally healthusiastic to affect their health and happiness. Every business is a health business.

Healthusiasm is about making customers healthy & happy. It creates value and competitive differentiation by focusing on the needs and expectations of customers as well as their life aspirations.

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