Glenn Ruben

The art and science of fundraising [ENG]

Glenn Gezels & Ruben Schoenmaekers






Start-up stage by studentstartups


15.00 - 15.30

Glenn Gezels and Ruben Schoenmaekers will take you on the Funding Journey: about the crucial steps of funding a startup, how to arrange the legal side and the various funding mechanisms to do so. Based on their own experiences and cases of startups they guided in the past 6 years, Glenn and Ruben, will give insights on the importance of good agreements, having a solid business plan, pitch, and financial projections to demonstrate the startup's potential and researching potential investors or lenders to ensure they align with the startup's goals and values.
Gezels & Schoenmaekers will also discuss the critical nature of having a long-term goal of scaling up when starting a business. In order to being prepared for further growth.

About Glenn

Glenn Gezels is an expert in fundraising and highly passionate about helping (technology) startups and scale-ups grow, raise funding, and have a larger positive impact. In addition, he organizes international startup business trips and work retreats, as well as startup/scale-up and investors events such as roundtables, workshops, bootcamps, pitch events, and networking opportunities. Glenn is a firm believer in working with talented, like-minded, and action-driven individuals to achieve success. With a combined educational background in aerospace engineering, finance, and entrepreneurship, Glenn is well equipped to tackle the challenges of the tech venture capital industry.

About Ruben

Ruben started his career at EY where he focused on private investment transactions, private M&A and general and commercial law matters.
From there, Ruben’s grew a deep interest in early staged funding. In collaboration with investment managers of VCs, founders and other experts, he began organizing multiple workshops and bootcamps in order to educate founders on investment terminology and best practices.

After 6 years of experience and a growing affinity for the founders’ perspective, he decided to start his own law firm with a vision of guiding founders through the legal side of their journey. This goes from the co-founder alignment, to fundraising, to stock-option implementation, to an exit and everything in between.

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